Audio Description Services

About the services ADS provides

ADS provides a comprehensive list of services that cover a variety of needs in audio description for cultural organizations nationwide and around the world. In addition to audio description training, ADS provides descriptions of:

Live description of Performances in Theatre, Dance and Music

Audio Description Solutions (ADS) provides audio description services for live theatre, dance, and music done in performance venues around the United States.

Appreciation of a live performance for sighted audience members comes from seeing the live action and movement, sets, costumes, and characters. Audio description provides an audio version of those same visual performance aspects through pre show notes of the sets, characters and costumes, as well as live description of the show in real time.

Audio Description Solutions works with staff to plan the audio described performance. These elements include:

  • Schedule
  • Preparatory materials for the audio describer
  • Delivery method of audio description (infrared or FM systems; in-house and/or rented)
  • Marketing
  • Staff training as applicable
ADS live description provides a complete live theatre experience for blind or low vision viewers.
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Audio Description enriches not only my theatre experience but also my husband Ed’s enjoyment. He can now take pleasure in a show without concern about describing it to me. Deborah’s descriptions enhance and enliven each theatre production.

—Marguerite Webster, Theatre Patron

Recorded description of Displays and Exhibits in museums, visitor centers, zoos and aquariums

Audio Description Solutions (ADS) provides audio description services for a wide variety of cultural organizations including: museums, aquariums, zoos, National Park visitor centers, and historic sites.

Appreciation of an exhibit for sighted visitors comes from a combination of seeing the visual elements and reading the accompanying text that provides the context. Audio description provides an audio version of those same visuals and written information for people who are blind or have low vision.

Audio Description Solutions works with staff to plan the audio description of the display or exhibit. These elements include:

  • Length of tour
  • Visual material to be described
  • Written material to be included
  • Delivery method: handheld device or smartphone application
  • Schedule of delivery of audio description
Audio description by ADS helps blind or low vision visitors fully appreciate cultural displays and exhibits.
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Description of Movies, Television, Educational Films

Deborah at the microphone

Audio Description Solutions (ADS) provides audio description for films, TV shows, educational films and films in museums and visitor centers.

Audio description is the narration of the action onscreen which enables a blind or low vision viewer to follow the story. The objective narration fits around the dialogue and voice over providing description of key elements such as the action, locations, characters, captions and subtitles.

Upon receiving a QuickTime video of the finished film we develop the audio description script that is then sent to the client for approval. Following approval, we record a synchronized audio description track.

ADS audio description can bring the screen to life for blind or low vision viewers.
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