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Live Performance

Theatre, Dance, Music

Audio Description Services (ADS) offers interactive, on-site training workshops for participants who are current describers and those interested in learning audio description. Based on the application of critical skills found in the Audio Description Standards, these workshops are tailored to the needs of each client and their intended audience.

Recommended: minimum 2 consecutive training days.

Through interactive, participatory exercises, lectures, and demonstrations in a shared setting, participants will learn how to utilize critical skills found in the Audio Description Standards and apply them to their discipline.

Using the “live” or “extemporaneous” approach developed by Margaret and Cody Pfanstiehl, participants will practice the art and technique of inserting descriptions of essential visual elements during a performance. In theatre, those moments encompass the natural pauses in theatre dialogue; in opera, during a singer’s breath and/or orchestral pauses; in dance, the physical nuances and storytelling moments during a piece of choreography.

This workshop also includes training in the preparation of pre-performance notes which serve to introduce discipline specific vocabulary, design elements, cast of characters, dancers, and/or musicians/instruments.

Following initial training, ADS staff can be available for additional mentoring, coaching, and program evaluation.


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"I love the honest approach to teaching both Deb and Ruth have. They have such a wealth of knowledge but are very encouraging to those that don’t know as much."
2015 Audio Description Trainee